Kids make giant cake to help cancer patients

April 08, 2013
By Mohammed Zaatari – The Daily Star

KidsHelpCancerFour hundred kids in Tyre donned plastic gloves and hairnets Sunday to help make a 220-meter-long cake, all for the sake of charity. Each child paid $10 to participate, with the money going to the Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon.

Chefs from the Tyre Resthouse, in their white coats and caps, helped the kids as they put the cake together. The final product – 220 meters long, 20 cm wide and 5 cm high – used 2,400 eggs, 100 liters of milk, and 2 kg of vanilla. Ingredients were donated by sponsors.

Mamdouh Nouri, who coordinates donations for the CCCL, called the activity “a very sweet gesture from the children,” which he hoped would prompt them to remain active in helping the Beirut-based facility.

Nouri explained that the CCCL is currently treating 250 children, and takes 80 new cases a year. “Thanks to the contributions of donors we are expanding every year,” he said.

The kid-chefs enjoyed pitching in, both for the fun of it and helping the cause. May Bsat said she was “playing so that sick kids can get better – $10 can’t do much, but lots of $10 can help ease their pain and cure them. Then they can go back to their normal lives again.”

Hawraa Muhieddine said: “I’m here to help and participate in the treatment of the children who have cancer.”

The Resthouse’s head of marketing, Ban Khalife, said the idea was to turn a “recreational activity into a charity event,” which took 30 days of planning.

The restaurant’s manager, Halim Haddad, said Sunday’s success meant they could begin planning a similar event – this time to benefit children affected by land mines. Read More