A field trip to Baabda Palace

July 9, 2013
By Noura Saad | Hay Khabriyeh!

President's OfficeThis past Saturday I was privileged to visit Baabda Presidential Palace as a tourist. It has recently opened for the public, and the LAU SINARC group I was going with was one of the first visitors there.

Entrance to the palace is free for all, it just requires filling the required forms and taking an appointment. Of course, knowing someone that knows someone that is a relative of someone working there is always helpful.

Lebanese flags and army officers greeted us all the way leading to the palace. When we first got to the parking lot, patriotic songs by Sabah, Mjida el Roumi, Julia Boutros and others filled the air. Surrounded by this thrilling mood, I couldn’t help but forget all the political turmoil going on in the region and feel the pride to call Lebanon my country. Continue reading

Our vital little indulgences

July 2, 2013
By Noura Saad | Hay Khabriyeh!

Ministry of Tourism & AlbaWhat’s greater than Lebanon? It’s all the little indulgences we do that shapes our identity, as it’s nicely presented in the latest ad of the Ministry of tourism, done by Impact BBDO Beirut:

“Regardless of the regional turmoil and all tension points, one truth is just hard to ignore; to the reasons of the heart, all reasons fade.”

“ELLE ME DIT” ALBA style is another example of our creativity and our carefree indulgent attitude, a lively and fun initiative done by the Académie Libanaise des Beaux-Arts (ALBA) students this past fall, enjoy!

طلاب يشرحون معنى الصورة

June 19, 2013
By AsSafir.com


نظمت «دار المصور» في الحمرا، بالتعاون مع مدرسة «الليسيه عبد القادر»، الأربعاء الفائت، معرض صور فوتوغرافية لطلاب المدرسة، الذين تتراوح أعمارهم بين الرابعة عشرة والسادسة عشرة، في إطار «أسبوع الصحافة» وفق المنهج الفرنسي الذي تطبقه المدرسة.

استمر المعرض حتى مساء أمس، حيث عرضت عشرات الصور التي التقطها الطلاب في شارع الحمرا. المشروع ينضم إلى مشاريع أخرى تنظمها «الدار» من أجل «نشر ثقافة الصورة»، وفق رمزي حيدر صاحبها. «الناس يصورون، لكن لا أحد يشرح المعنى، هذا ما نحاول تطبيقه»، يقول حيدر

كان اللقاء الأول بينه وبين الطلاب مثمراً. “تحدثنا عن الصورة ودورها، لكنني وجدت عندهم اهتماماً  باستعمال الكاميرا. نزلنا إلى الشارع، وكان إنتاجهم مميزاً فعلاً

أما رندة طعمة، أستاذة الفن التشكيلي في المدرسة، وأحد المشرفين على المشروع مع أستاذ اللغة العربية علي موهوب، فتقول إن هذا النشاط كان يهدف «إلى إدخال الطلاب في مسألة الصورة الصحافية. عرفنا تلاميذنا، بالتعاون مع الدار، على قدرة الصورة على توصيل الخبر». اختير 35 طالباً للمشاركة في هذه التجربة. قدموا إلى «الدار» من أجل حصتين تدريبيتين خلال أسبوع واحد. ثم نزلنا معهم إلى الشارع من أجل التطبيق العملي وحصدنا هذه الصور

لكن المعرض كان يضم أيضاً مسابقة «أجمل صورة». فاز بالجائزة الأولى، وهي دورة تدريبية لمدة شهر في «الدار»، يوسف شمس الدين عن صورة لصبي يجر عربة في الشارع. وفاز كل من نديم الزين وزياد دكروب ونورهان حجار وثيو نيجرل بتدريب ليوم واحد في الدار

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Wassim Nasser, Lebanese swimmer breaks national record

June 17, 2013
By The Daily Star

WassimNasserA Lebanese swimmer broke a national swimming record Sunday after being at sea for almost 12 hours.

Wassim Nasser completed a 45 kilometer swim from Beirut to Amchit Sunday, breaking the Lebanese record for long-distance swimming. He left Beirut at 4 a.m. and arrived in Amchit at 3:30 p.m., Rizk Public Relations agency said Monday.

Nasser’s aim was to break a record set by Abdel-Latif Abu al-Hauf for swimming 42 kilometers from the southern city of Sidon to Beirut in the 1960’s.

He failed to break the record last year after swimming a little over 15 hours from a point parallel to Sidon’s Crusader Castle to Ramlet al-Bayda, agency representatives said.

Nasser had been training for seven hours a day over the last two weeks and for months before that both in the swimming pool and at sea, the firm said. Read original post

Gloria Nasr on her 10th week running from Paris to Beirut

June 10, 2013
By Noura Saad | Hay Khabriyeh!

GloriaNasrGloria Nasr starts today the 10th week in her journey running back home from Paris to Beirut.

She already traveled through France, Germany, Austria, Hungary and Romania. Now she is heading to Melnitsa, her last step in Bulgaria.

On the 7th of April, Gloria, a sports doctor and a Lebanese athlete living in Paris, started a Run for Peace starting from the Champs Elysees in Paris and expected to reach Beirut beginning August, estimating to have run by then 5,000 km and passed by 9 countries.

Back in February, we published an interview with her in here.

Running for peace with a strong determination, she defied obstacle after the other. She worked on new detours to avoid unsafe areas in Syria, and she got a personal loan to finance her challenge, after to after failing to find a sponsor.

Gloria is doing a one-of-a-kind challenge that we should all be proud of! Why not drop her a word of encouragement on her Facebook page?

Go Gloria, we’re all supporting you and will be waiting for you soon in Lebanon!

Baabda Palace opens its doors to the public

May 13, 2013
By Noura Saad | Hay Khabriyeh!

baabda-palace A new addition is added to the list of monuments to visit in Lebanon: The Lebanese Republican Palace in Baadba.

According to the press release on the official presidency website, the Baabda Palace will open its doors to the public the first Saturday of every month, beginning June 2013.

As the palace holds a historical and political importance, many citizens will be curious to explore the headquartes, and tours its basic divisions.

The guided visit includes the office of the president, notable halls and the gardens among other. Below is the full list , extracted from www.presidency.gov.lb:

محطات الزيارة

تبدأ الزيارة عند الساعة التاسعة صباحاً، من يوم السبت المحدد، وتتواصل على دفعات عدّة يرافقهم دليل يتولى شرح كافة محطّات الزيارة من مدخل القصر الأساسي وحتى المغادرة، على ان تشمل الزيارة المحطات التالي

الحديقة الخارجية للقصر المعروفة باسم حديقة القلعة –
قاعة مجلس الوزراء –
غرفة اجتماعات فخامة الرئيس –
مكتب فخامة الرئيس –
قاعة انتظار زوار فخامة الرئيس –
قاعة الصحافة –
– البهو الرئيسي للقصر، حيث لوحات صور اصحاب الفخامة رؤساء الجمهورية اللبنانية منذ الاستقلال –
صالون السفراء –
قاعة 22 تشرين الأول –
قاعة 25 ايار –
حديقة الرؤساء –
عرض فيلم وثائقي عن تاريخ القصر الجمهوري –
التوجه الى المدخل الرئيسي للقصر الجمهوري والتقاط صورة التذكارية والمغادرة –

For more information about the visit, check the Lebanese Presidency website

Lebanon ranked 4th in math and science education

April 26, 2013

wefThe World Economic Forum’s 2013 Global IT Report, ranked Lebanon in the top 5 countries of the World for Maths and Science education. Out of the 144 countries surveyed, Lebanon came 4th after Singapore, Finland and Belgium. A reason for pride!


You can find the entire report on the World Economic Forum website in here


Lebanon’s rankings is on page 213 of the report. Notice the quality of educational system (we’re the 10th) and the quality of management schools.


Kids make giant cake to help cancer patients

April 08, 2013
By Mohammed Zaatari – The Daily Star

KidsHelpCancerFour hundred kids in Tyre donned plastic gloves and hairnets Sunday to help make a 220-meter-long cake, all for the sake of charity. Each child paid $10 to participate, with the money going to the Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon.

Chefs from the Tyre Resthouse, in their white coats and caps, helped the kids as they put the cake together. The final product – 220 meters long, 20 cm wide and 5 cm high – used 2,400 eggs, 100 liters of milk, and 2 kg of vanilla. Ingredients were donated by sponsors.

Mamdouh Nouri, who coordinates donations for the CCCL, called the activity “a very sweet gesture from the children,” which he hoped would prompt them to remain active in helping the Beirut-based facility.

Nouri explained that the CCCL is currently treating 250 children, and takes 80 new cases a year. “Thanks to the contributions of donors we are expanding every year,” he said.

The kid-chefs enjoyed pitching in, both for the fun of it and helping the cause. May Bsat said she was “playing so that sick kids can get better – $10 can’t do much, but lots of $10 can help ease their pain and cure them. Then they can go back to their normal lives again.”

Hawraa Muhieddine said: “I’m here to help and participate in the treatment of the children who have cancer.”

The Resthouse’s head of marketing, Ban Khalife, said the idea was to turn a “recreational activity into a charity event,” which took 30 days of planning.

The restaurant’s manager, Halim Haddad, said Sunday’s success meant they could begin planning a similar event – this time to benefit children affected by land mines. Read More

La saison des légumes crus – une habitude devenue une tradition

April 02, 2013
By Ralph Nader @Aamchit for L’Orient Le Jour

Legumes CrusVoilà le printemps, le retour des jours ensoleillés, des fleurs, des pluies intermittentes, mais aussi de la ruée des Libanais sur les plantes légumineuses crues.

Encore petit, j’avais demandé un jour à ma grand-mère la raison pour laquelle on mange tellement de choses qui n’ont pas encore atteint la période de récolte. Des produits comme les fèves (foul), les pois chiches (hommos akhdar ou emm’laybeneh), les amandes (loze), les petits pois (bazella), les mirabelles (janerik), le blé (pour faire du frikeh), le thym (zaatar barreh) et beaucoup d’autres. Ce n’est pas uniquement une question de goût ou une tradition, mais plutôt une mésaventure dans l’histoire du Liban ottoman, qui est devenue une coutume.

Durant l’occupation des pays du Levant, et notamment le Liban, les Ottomans forçaient les peuples soumis à livrer toutes leurs récoltes entassées dans des sacs de jute au « bacha », chose qui laissait les familles vivant dans cette région sans rien à se mettre sous la dent. Et avec l’invasion des criquets au début du XXe siècle, la famine et la pauvreté poussaient ces communautés à consommer leurs produits avant la saison de la récolte. Les Ottomans n’avaient pas vu cette échappatoire et ne comprenaient pas pourquoi la taxe obligatoire (el-mireh) diminuait année après année.

Une habitude qui est devenue une tradition. C’est ainsi que ces produits ont pris place dans plusieurs plats libanais, devenus aujourd’hui célèbres.

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