The “Tarbouche”, Beyond Masculinity & Beyond the Middle East


February 27, 2015
By Noura Saad | Hay Khabriyeh!


The “Tarbouche” as we know it is a sign of masculine virility in Lebanon and across the Middle East.

Stephen Jones & Mouna Rebeiz

Stephen Jones & Mouna Rebeiz

Mouna Rebeiz, a French Lebanese artists, took the “Tarbouche” symbol beyond its established norms, and redefined it in a series of paintings “alongside the traditional nude in a contradiction of feminine and the symbol of authority. Caught between two worlds the female bodies jostle against the male trophy, expressing a powerful new freedom which is both dominant and submissive.

Above all, Mouna’s paintings represent an act of Hope – a bridge between two worlds: East and West; Man and Woman.”


Renowned artists, Elie Saab, Francesca Versace, Lanvin Paris, and Sandra Choi of Jimmy Choo, to name a few, joined Mouna in her journey and each redesigned the “Tarbouche” with a touch of flair.

Le Tarbouche by Renowned Artits

The “Tarbouche” in all its forms is now in auction online and at Saatchi Gallery in London from 27 February to 3 March 2015.

All the proceeds will benefit Innocence In Danger (Innocence En Danger), a movement for the protection of children against any form of sexual abuse.